About Bitter Sweets!

We are Certified Nutritionist

We continue to train extensively in nutrition.

Every year we complete hours on health continuing education. We have attended countless seminars and lectures. I study prescription drugs and their interaction with supplements. Exercise physiology and the impact that it has on the body are always part of my protocols. Our health experience and education qualify me to tackle many of life’s health issues without drugs. Medicine is rarely concerned with restoring normal body function. Drug’s alter body chemistry to achieve a desired result but rarely address the cause of the problem.

What do health nutritionist’s do: We dig to find the underlying cause of health illness, find a solution, and then act upon it. If your cholesterol is high we are going to educate you on what health foods influence cholesterol and what lifestyle choices you can make to correct that problem. We will look at your family history to determine if your cholesterol is a health genetic predisposition and how to address that.

We will take time to talk to you and educate you. Most of our consultations are free and may take an hour or two. We want you to understand the physiology of your illness. We want you to understand basic anatomy and we will paint a picture of what’s going on inside your body. If you want a multivitamin we will help you choose one based upon your needs, not what i make the most money on.

Our promise to you is to be honest.

Unfortunately this industry is wrought with health charlatans, misinformation, hype and over-exaggeration. You don’t stay in business very long if you don’t speak the truth. I will talk you out of buying supplements if i don’t feel they are appropriate for you.

Our health website and health newsletters are designed to inform and educate the public. They are honest and accurate and do not over-exaggerate claims. We want my customers to have realistic expectations about the products and services I offer. Our honesty and integrity trump all other considerations.

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